Get setup to work

Before you start work, there are three things that need to happen before you can begin:

W9 Form

You must fill out and send us a W9, which is a form that gives us your Employee ID Number or social security number, so we can report income to the IRS. Fill out a W-9, sign it, and send it to [email protected].

Consulting Agreement

This contract outlines terms and conditions relative to consulting for Facet. You will sign this once and it applies to multiple projects. We may, on occasion, update our agreement; otherwise, it will update automatically on an annual basis. When you get your first project, you will be sent a DocuSign agreement to execute. To view more details, see What is a Consulting Agreement?.

Project Assignment

This contract is project-specific and includes scope, rate, hours and any other relevant information. You will receive a DocuSign agreement to execute before each project you begin. To view more details, see What is a Project Assignment?.