What is a Project Assignment?

The Project Assignment agreement is pretty simple. It includes:

  • Start and end dates
  • Project name
  • The company where you’ll be working
  • Your hourly rate

As for the hours you’ll be working:

Committed Weekly Hours: This number is the minimum number of hours you are expected to work.

Weekly Hours Limit: This number is the maximum number of hours you are allowed to work. If you are approaching the Weekly Hour Limit and you think you may go over, you must get client approval before exceeding this limit. Exceeding the Weekly Hours Limit without prior client approval means that you may not get paid for those extra hours.

Some other things to note:
If there are expenses that may be incurred or an onsite requirement, you’ll find that in the Project Assignment agreement.

In some instances, the company you’re working for has a time tracking tool that you will be required to use. Even if you’re using a company-provided tool, you must submit your hours via Harvest in order to be paid. See How to record your hours for more detail.

Pay periods are every two weeks and you will be paid 30 days after the end of the period. This means that your first check will come six weeks after your start date and then every two weeks after that. For more information, see Getting Paid.

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